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2021 Winter Package

Please Note

If OK.RU server is NOT working for you: Try removing "s" in "http" in the address bar or type in: http://qdeoks.com
For facebook server, click the video twice for it to play!
If a server (facebook, veoh, ok.ru) you are using isn't working, please try the others!
If you are hearing multiple sounds at once, PAUSE the video before you move onto another video or part!
If you are not hearing any sounds from the facebook server, it has been copyright removed, so please try these tips:

Option 1) Right-click on the video, copy the url and paste onto a new window tab
Option 2) Open in incognito mode from google chrome to open my site
Option 3) Use mobile/tablet to watch
Option 4) Use different internet browsers to open my site that is not Google Chrome